William Ford Elementary

At William Ford Elementary, I had the privilege to teach with two extraordinary fourth grade teachers, Mariam Hamid and Debra Mroczka.  Mrs. Hamid's class is the bilingual fourth grade classroom, comprised of mostly newcomers and EL students.

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          Mrs. Hamid's Class                          Ms. Mroczka's Class


In Mrs. Hamid's class, I co-taught reading groups and writing, as well as maintained digital portfolios for My Learning Plan.   I utilized iLearn, Mahara, Google Classroom, Screencastify, StudentSites, and webcamera.io as my main resources.

Some highlights from my co-teaching experience at William Ford include:

  • Providing an additional "dip" for two reading groups, while utilizing iLearn as a vehicle of instruction
  • Maintaining digital Interactive Science Notebooks through Mahara to record and reflect on science experiments
  • Initiating peer collaboration using Google Apps and Google Classroom as part of the writing process
  • Providing close reading experiences using DocHub
  • Establishing a record of reading fluency by recording students' oral reading using Chromebooks
  • Producing student explanations of frayer models in iLearn courses using Screencastify
  • Making student work accessible to all through the use of QR codes
  • Implementing differentiated spelling instruction through the 4th Grade iLearn spelling course
  • Providing authentic writing experiences using student blogs on StudentSites


Interview with Debra Mroczka, 4th Grade Teacher at William Ford

Mrs. Hamid's Reading Groups iLearn Course


Recording Reading Fluency

Download video_2m34s (webcamera.io).mp4 [68.75MB]

Using QR Codes for Accessibility to Work


Interview with Mariam Hamid, 4th Grade Teacher at William Ford

Winter Rebus Story