Jennifer Hourani


Mrs. Hourani's Class

In Jennifer Hourani's class, we concentrated on science with 3 major focuses;  building her iLearn course, creating interactive science notebooks using Mahara, and teaching 2 science standards using a HyperDoc.  

iLearn Science Course

Students used Mrs. Hourani's iLearn course to complete assignments, participate in interactive videos, take quizzes and to find links and documents shared with them.


Students utilized Mahara digital portfolios to create interactive science notebooks, where they recorded and shared reflections on science projects with their teacher and their classmates.


In order to learn about the flow of energy in a food chain, students used the 7 stages of a HyperDoc and produced an end-of-unit project to show their learning.  Students chose Google Drawingsstop-motion animation,  or color posters to demonstrate their knowledge of a food chain and the flow of energy within it.     


An Interview with Jennifer Hourani

Mrs. Klein's Class

In Mrs. Klein's class, we focused on using the Workshop module with students for writing.

Workshop Module in iLearn

The students used the workshop module to go through the writing process, peer-edit the papers and provide actionable feedback, then use the feedback to revise and edit their papers.  Students received a grade for their papers and a grade for their assessment of their peers' papers.

Melanie Klein


An Interview with Melanie Klein