Pioneer Theme

Release Notes and Information for the Pioneer Theme

Version 1.3.6

* Fixed an issue with Socialwall Course Format in which a "Save" button would not appear when using the theme. 

Pioneer v1.3.5

* Fixed a slight issue with Google Analytics and defined variables.
* Moved the background image upload and parameters from General Settings to the page with the color pickers since it is part of the background colors.
* Added a box styling to all main content including in-course activity pages. This should have been done before releasing. From the homepage to the course page everything was inside a styled box... until you went to an activity and then the box went away. There is now a color picker for the box that wraps activities.
* Numerous CSS fixes and enhancements.

Pioneer v1.3.4

* Google Analytics added to theme.  Now site admins can simply add the UA tracking id number and begin collecting traffic and usage of their moodle site with clean URL's.  

Pioneer v1.3.3

* The Course Grade Slider can now be controlled by the teacher.  If course settings is set to Not Show Gradebook to Students then the Course Grade slider will not display.  In order to use the Course Grade Slider it must be turned on in Admin Theme Settings for Pioneer and at the course level to show gradebook to students which is set by the teacher on a course by course setting.

Pioneer v1.3.2

* New feature - Position blocks to the right or left of the content. We added a position toggle on the general settings page to pick where the blocks appear. This has been a much requested feature as some people like the blocks on the left.

Pioneer v1.3.1

* Continued refining of Pioneer theme setting pages.
* Added more control over icon navigation and course search box. A toggle to Show Top, Show Main Content, Both and Never. This is useful if you need to free up space in the top navigation bar and want to remove the icons and searchbox.
* When the custom frontpage textbox is present the icon nav and searchbox appear within the textbox for a clean look. However, if the frontpage textbox is not present the icon nav and searchbox can still appear standalone in the maincontent area based on the display toggle.
* Checkbox for display search box in top nav. Checkbox for display search box in main content.

Pioneer v1.3.0

* Tab/Course Grade Toggle button and buttonhover colors can now be set in theme settings.
* Fixed settings.php error which caused double general settings link to appear twice.

Pioneer v1.2.9

* Added custom color for breadcrumb bar which appears below the header image.
* Added Copyright Notice in footer area.
* CSS fixes and enhancements
* Updated language strings and settings pages to be more intuitive.
* My Classes and This Course drop down menus will now include a scroll bar if the list of items is too long.
* Removed My Grades from This Course dropdown menu. Causes issues if show gradebook to students is turned off.
* Added Tools custom drop down menu for quick links as a custom menu option.
* Duplicate Language drop down Menu is fixed.
* Topnav Drop Down menus will only support single column menus. This is to accomodate very long My Classes and This Course Menus. If anyone can help with a CSS fix I would appreciate this. I do believe it can be fixed with some simple CSS adjustments but I am at a loss and we don't use more than a single column links.

Pioneer v1.2.8

* Added a theme admin page to create a custom footer with the ability to use a single full-width textbox or a 4 column layout with 4 individual textboxes. Or choose to use both!
* If no site logo is uploaded the topnav bar will now default to the site title and link to the frontpage.
* Revisited and fixed an issue with the large frontpage icons and searchbox display toggle not truly hiding when it was supposed to be hidden.
* Marketing Spots will only appear on homepage/frontpage. They will no longer display past the homepage. This makes the courses nicer and less cluttered.
* Centered featured courses when less than 6 are used.
* Added This Course dropdown menu for quick access to course activities.
* My Classes now reflects the ordering and settings of the Course Overview Block on the Dashboard.

Pioneer v1.2.6 & 1.2.7

* Moved User Menu up to top navigation bar next to my courses dropdown.
* Moved top icon nav next to course search box on right side of screen.
* Added toggle to show or hide the larger iconnav and course searchbox from being displayed with the Frontpage Textbox. This is useful for first time users but the same icons and search is available in the top navigation menu. This simply makes it more obvious to the user and in the textbox you can explain what/how you want the user to do in the site.
* Fixed secure site layout file to be in line with theme.

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